The Unconferencey Conference
Dallas, Texas
August 28-31, 2017

The FinTech ​Competition is Back!

To  ​ encourage innovation of business-to-business solutions in our industry, we're again hosting a FinTech Competition at #XYPN17. This event is a popular feature of Exhibit Day which is set to take place on Wednesday, August 30.  All #XYPN17 attendees are welcome to join us for an exciting preview of tech on the horizon from 12-1:30 PM.

Seven competitors were chosen among more than two dozen applicants by esteemed industry judges Michael Kitces (XYPN), Bill Winterberg (FPPad) and Joe Ziemer (Betterment). They will each have an opportunity to introduce, promote, and garner interest in their offerings.
Entering the XYPN FinTech startup competition was incredible for our business! Within the first three months of winning, we went from zero to over $700,000 in sales, landed two large enterprise accounts, and attracted significant investor interest. If you’re a startup considering this competition, I suggest you go for it!

-Robert Sofia,  SnappyKraken
#XYPN16 FinTech Champion

Finalists Announced!
We received a record number of applicants for this year's FinTech Competition. The finalists represent all corners of financial planning, from student loan repayment tools to automated investment solutions and a small business retirement plan platform. ​ ​

Click here to read up on our seven finalists.

Criteria to Enter

  1. Technology must be for financial advisors and support delivering financial planning services to Gen X and/or Gen Y clients
  2. To enter, applicants must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • launched in the last 12 months
  • have less than $1 million in revenue
  • be an existing company with a new feature that is substantially different from the parent company

Many thanks to our FinTech Competition co-sponsors for supporting innovation to advance our industry

Finalists' Package 

Champion's Package

Each of the top 6 finalists will receive:

  • An invitation to compete at #XYPN17​​​
  • 2 free Exhibit Hall passes for #XYPN17
  • Free 5x5 booth space with opportunity for a discounted upgrade
  • Advance promotion by XY Planning Network through multiple channels including social media
  • ​Shared feature blog on XYPlanningNetwork.com

One deserving champion will receive:

  • Promotion by XY Planning Network including an exclusive interview on #XYPNRadio,  dedicated blog post, and more
  • Article on  Kitces.com featuring the technology
  • Press release by PR agency FiComm and facilitated media introductions to invited media members at #XYPN17; read the release about last year's champion, SnappyKraken
  • Promotional video and feature on FPPad.com by Bill Winterberg