The Unconferencey Conference
Dallas, Texas
August 28-31, 2017

Exhibit Day

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One of the most action-packed, robust days of our unconference is the day exhibitors set up shop to...well...talk shop. There's an abundance of activity in and around the Exhibit Hall from demonstrations to door prizes and more.
  1. Exhibitors
    Connect with representatives from top companies in our industry. Scroll through the logos below for a who's who of exhibitors or visit our Sponsors page.
  2. Tech Demo
    The popular tech demo is back for #XYPN17! Get a live, in-person demonstration of the technology solutions available for your business.
  3. FinTech Competition
    This event was a show-stopper in 2016 and a game-changer for the champion, SnappyKraken.
  4. SWAG Competition
    You're the judge of this competition! Vote for the exhibitor who gifts the best SWAG to attendees. Last year's winner, RobustWealth, is back to defend its title after winning in 2016 with trucker hats, t-shirts, & water bottles.
  5. Roundtables
    Get in on lively roundtable discussions on a variety of relevant topics. Roundtables take place in and around the Exhibit Hall & include an esteemed host to facilitate productive conversations.
  6. Door Prizes
    Win big at #XYPN17! Drawings take place throughout the day.